E-Commerce Website Features

Online – eCommerce Store plays a very important role, It is as similar maintaining a virtual store so to gain the confidence of the customer with Ease on finding and purchasing the products.

Your Mobile-Friendly E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce sites that are not optimized for mobile are severely behind. Your Mobile-friendly sites are responsive that the site content automatically scales and adapts to whatever screen size is being viewed to access it

Suggested Related Items

One of the biggest trends in eCommerce is the consumer desire for a personalized and curated shopping experience. Online retail giants such as Amazon have executed this very well by offering a list of items of “Shoppers also bought” or “shoppers also viewed” to help shoppers find complementary or substitutable products.

Shipping Information clear and Advertising

Customers place an item into their cart and do a checkout, only to be surprised by a shipping price they hadn’t taken into consideration. Any piece of additional information that forces more thinking can exhaust shoppers, and all it takes is for a minor additional charge to make shoppers save the transaction for later (and potentially forget about it) or abandon the checkout altogether. A lack of shipping information transparency is a silly reason to lose customers.